Another book?


You should write a book!

How many times have you uttered or heard these words? It is estimated that less than one-percent of the population will endeavor to publish a book; and of the people who actually start writing a manuscript, only 3% will actually publish their work.

I'm not a writer.

I'm blind.

I don't know how to publish a book.

Nobody is going to care about my book, let alone pay good money to buy it.

Despite the self-deprecating thoughts I have, I've been fortunate and crazy enough to successfully publish a book (Running into the Dark) four years ago. It was a 400-page memoir that included the detailed story of my 3,063 mile run across the US. I was warned by authors and publishing houses to not write a memoir. "Readers only care about memoirs of the President, celebrities and famous people," they would say. Despite being warned, I wrote night and day for 9 months until the manuscript was complete. Then, I found a few editors, an assisted self publishing house, a photographer to shoot the cover and a graphic design artist. After a little over a year, I launched the book on my Mom's birthday. Early in the book's life, it sold mainly to friends and family. Slowly it gained readership from strangers, athletes and people going through struggle. Over the past four years, I've received messages from readers around the world. I've been told that the story positively impacted readers' lives as they persisted in the ups and downs of life, needed inspiration to take on a big challenge and faced death as a result of cancer. I am amazed that the story affects people, and the global reach the book has had - India, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe & Russia.

As I delivered Keynote Addresses to audiences, one consistent question kept coming up - "How did you do that? How can I do something like that?"

I know everybody is capable of anything, but most people refuse to believe it. I also know people like to have a step-by-step process how to do something. As I researched, I found that nobody had written an i process for success. It seems so simple, although in reality it is fairly complex. This was the genesis of the idea for my second book, The Success Cycle. I wanted to teach people how I succeeded in business, athletics and personal pursuits. It is the same process we all use. I also wanted to share and emphasize my perspective that failure is an integral part of succeeding.

I began writing The Success Cycle three years ago. I wanted it to be a "pocket book" - something that would sit on a person's desk and act as an easy reference to keep a person moving forward toward the realization of their dream. I wanted it to have graphics. I wanted it to be succinct and concise; simple to understand. Verbosity and persuading people that my view was right was NOT the goal. I'm not in competition with self proclaimed self help gurus who study others lives and talk about data, research and theories. I was intent on creating a work that came directly from "the horse's mouth." I have succeeded greatly and failed mightily; and I intended to give an honest account of the process.

After the first yea of writing, I had finished a manuscript. It was about 100 pages in length, and a semi-interesting read. It didn't feel done, however; so I let it gestate. Over the next year, I would look at the manuscript every month, do some minor editing and pontificate the process that I had created. At the two year mark, something happened. In my mind, I saw very clearly the detailed process I was trying to describe. On a single power point slide I filled out the process I had been developing. Over the course of the third year, I re-wrote 70% of the manuscript, created graphics, worked with editors, designers and gathered pre-launch feedback.  And, that brings me to today.

August 19, 2021 will go down in history in my life for 3 things; the most important is that this date is my youngest daughter's 16th birthday! It is my dog's 2nd birthday, although she acts like she is only a 2 month old puppy. Finally, it is the launch date for my second book, The Success Cycle.

I hope this book can help and encourage people who have a dream to accomplish. It gives the reader a step-by-step process to follow in order to transform a dream into a reality. It's not a pill, and the reader will need to invest a lot of thought, work, discomfort, determination and perseverance to realize their dream; however, the process for success has now been reduced to written form.

This book is dedicated to the dreamers, pioneers & outcasts who dare to go where the masses will not. I hope you choose to chase your dream, and if you need some help or get lost along the way please pick up a copy of The Success Cycle.

Jason is an international Keynote Speaker, author and expert on success, resilience and adversity. He holds more than 10 world records in extreme endurance athletics, is a national marathon champion, Paralympian, author, subject of a documentary film (Running Vision), CEO, attorney and leader of non-profits that help children. He is best known for logging a top-10 fastest run across the US (3,063 miles | 59.5 days | 51.5 miles/day). Jason is blind.


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