To say I was inspired today by Rose McCarty is an understatement. As a friend and I peddled bikes around Denver and visited Washington Park, my friend spied a pop-tent with a banner that read "Run Rose Run." We stopped to ask the young man (Michael) what the cause was, and why he was there. And then, an AMAZING story unfolded.
Michael explained that he was supporting a lady, Rose, who was in the process of running 1,000 miles in two months. He explained that Rose was currently looping Washington Park to log her miles for the day. Rose hails from San Antonio, Texas and is on a multi-city tour (
2020 San Antonio, Tx - 7/10-12 Austin, Tx - 7/14-16 Dallas, Tx - 7/18-20 Denver, CO - 7/22-24 Salt Lake City, UT - 7/26-28 Las Vegas, NV - 7/30 - 8/1 San Diego, CA - 8/3-5 Los Angeles, CA - 8/7-9 San Francisco, CA - 8/11-12 Napa Valley, CA - 8/12-13 Eureka - 8/15-17 Eugene, OR - 8/19-21 Portland, OR - 8/23-25 Seattle WA - 8/27-29 TBA - 9/1-3
Rose is a 30-somethi…

Fit at 50?

I turned 50 in March 2020. Since then, I have been wondering whether I am actually fit at 50. I've ran a little since my birthday:
April 4, 2020 - 100 miles in 24 hoursApril 20, 2020 - 26.2 mile virtual Boston MarathonApril 25, 2020 - 100 km (62 miles) virtual Canyons 100km After these long runs, I'm not in a wheelchair or hospitalized or on a 72-hour hold.

Rather, I'm feeling pretty good - both physically and mentally. I'm not ripped with six-pack abs, but I never thought looking good in a picture had anything to do with fitness. I believe fitness is about being able to step out of your home, do something physically challenging, and returning home excited about what you just accomplished. I believe this is different for everybody, and the level of challenge we can accomplish is different. Each of us can be "fit at 50" if that's what we choose.

I still have the desire to run for hours on end, play basketball with my kids, ride a bike across town and walk …

When the protection of Physical Health harms Mental Health

This weekend I decided to go out for a run to think through some things I've been struggling with. Outdoor exercise has always been a good release of stress, and a way to get some Vitamin D and increase my dopamine and serotonin (our natural anti-depressants). As I ran for 24 hours I saw some kids at a local skate park doing jumps and flying through the air. Later on in my run, I saw two police cruisers parked next to the skate park. Then, I noticed that there weren't any people skateboarding. The next day, I was running past the skate park and I saw a Parks & Rec worker taping off the skate park with Yellow Tape, like it was a crime scene.

I have heard a lot of people use the terms "self-quarantine", "self-isolate", and "social distancing". I think we are making a big mistake, if we take these words at their literal meaning. We are relational creatures, and we are supposed to interact with one another.

We can be safe and still be social

We ca…

3 reasons why you should NOT hire Jason Romero as a speaker

1.I don’t have the budget
A motivational business speaker with Jason’s credentials and story-telling capabilities is not cheap, but nothing important and valuable is cheap. 
What does it cost for your business to replace one key employee? The Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) has studied this point and estimates that the recruiting and training expense of a salaried employee is 20% of the position’s salary – for a $60,000 per year position, the cost to the business would be $12,000. For highly compensated positions, it is estimated that the recruiting and training expense can be in excess of 100% of the position’s salary – for a $150,000 per year position, the cost to the business would exceed $150,000 in recruiting and training expenses. The true cost of replacing an employee also includes 1. Advertising, interviewing, screening and hiring for the position; 2. Onboarding expenses – training and management time; 3. Lost productivity – it can take a year for an employee to mast…


Be Outstanding.
Outstanding is different than good. It's different than great. Good may start at 7 am, great at 5 am, Outstanding starts at 3 am, 2 am. You cannot rest. You cannot stop because you are so convicted.

"To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" - Steve Prefontaine.
Why does the standard need to be so high? Because that is what we are capable of. When you're Outstanding, you're going to be uncomfortable. We live in a life where we think comfort is the goal. It's not! Wrong! We have climate controlled environments, we have cars, we have telecommunication that give us instant feedback. Life is not supposed to be comfortable. Not if we are living an Outstanding life. Nothing great is easy. There are no short-cuts in this life. 
In order to be Outstanding, you are going to need to dream. You are going to need to have epic dreams, grandiose dreams, bigger than you have ever thought; dreams that are going to scare you to your core. Dreams t…

Lend a hand

Sometimes the most difficult thing a person can do is to ask for help. Ironically, many times when the request comes, we think we are too busy to help our family, friend or colleague who is vulnerable and asking for support.
I recently found myself in a situation I could not fathom and my back was up against the wall. There was no way out, and I needed the help of every person I knew, and didn't know. My requests for help became pleas for support and aid. I was desperate.
To my surprise, some people who I thought were very close to me, were actually very distant. In response to my request for help, one person told me "if this is an emergency, call 911." Another friend told me his travel schedule - I think that was an indirect way of telling me he was busy with work. A couple of other people never responded. I didn't have time to internalize the hurt or disappointment of this behavior, I had to try to solve the situation that was before me.
The majority of my friends…

Your "truth" will set you free

This past weekend I got the rare opportunity to crew somebody who was running a 100 mile race. Usually, I am the runner who has other people supporting me. This weekend, the roles were reversed and I experienced something magnificent. I witnessed humanity at its finest, and this blog is about that experience.

The runner was well trained for this race, had assembled a capable support crew (team), and was an experienced ultra-runner. She also had an aggressive time goal of running a sub-24 hour trail 100 mile race. She had a plan to run "easy" up until mile 75, then move quickly in runnable sections to finish with a sub-24 hour race. As the race started, she was excited, injury free and fit. She ran through the first section perfect according to her plan - 3 hours and 15 minutes. She achieved the second aid station at mile 23.5 within a couple minutes of her plan. The third aid station was right on plan and aid station 4 at mile 44.5 was right on plan as well - a smidge over …