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OBEDIENCE - A Faith decision

Obedience is the road to freedom -C.S. Lewis
The dictionary definition of Obedience is "compliance with an order, law or submission to another's authority".  By this definition, Obedience seems to be in direct conflict with self preservation and the American Dream to amass wealth and belongings for one's self.  In our day to day lives, we pass homeless people on street corners, drive-by wounded animals to die on our highways forgetting about them and their agony seconds after we speed past them, and fail to acknowledge other people with a smile, look or response when they speak to us.  We can become so focused on our own microcosm that we think we are being "obedient" to our own goals.  In fact, we can never be "obedient" to ourselves or our own self interest.  We must stretch beyond ourselves in order to exercise true obedience, and be free.
True obedience can only occur when we suppress our own wants and needs to the wants and needs of another.  …

RUNNING INTO THE DARK: The Jason Romero Story - (Chapter 1)

As many of you know, I've been writing a book for several months. The story is about my journey to find vision, despite losing my eyesight and culminates with a run across America. This is a very ROUGH DRAFT and has not been edited so please forgive typos, grammar and other opportunities.
Enjoy! -Jason

Chapter 1
With every ending is a new beginning - Unkown
It was 2:00 AM and all I hear is my alarm screaming at me.  The song “Shut up and dance” by Walk the Moon is once again blaring in my ear.  I am in a foreign place.  It is a small hotel room with two beds, and the usual desk, lamps and TV.  But where am I?  I am confused for the first couple minutes of waking.  Am I in California, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania?  What state am I waking up in?  This question had wracked my mind for the last 2 months.  Not knowing where I was waking up had become “normal” to me, and was not any cause for anxiety or discontent.  I wasn’t in any of those states.  I was in a Comfort Inn somewhe…