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A first time author's book writing experience

Has anyone ever told you, "you should write a book"?  My guess is that we've all heard this, or told another person this statement at some point in our lives.  Usually, it is prompted as a result of hearing a story that moves us, and we subconsciously think - That story needs to be told. This blog is about my experience as a first time author of Running into the Dark.
HAVE A GREAT STORY When I first contemplated writing a book, I doubted whether my story would be of interest to anybody.  The truth is, my story is the same as any other person's story.  At it's core, my life has had ups and downs, and despite setbacks I have continued moving forward.  Despite my confusion about whether people would be interested, I continued to have family, friends, strangers and audiences tell me that I should write a book.
I thought long and hard about what I would write about.  I had a degenerative eye disease that I had battled my whole life, and sometimes I won and sometimes i…