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VISIONRUNUSA Series (2): Training

How do you train for a transcontinental run?  That's what I typed into Google when I first realized I was going to run across America.  I was surprised to find an article by Outside Magazine on point; although when I read it I realized that there was no training plan laid out. Next, I contact people who had run across America before including Marshall Ulrich, Perry Newburn and Rae Ainslee.  I also touched base with Adam Kimble and Lisa Smith-Batchen, people who would be attempting to run across America in 2016.  In all these conversations, I learned that everybody had different training techniques and strategies.  However, there was one commonality - everybody ran A LOT to prepare for the run.

I realized I needed to make my own training plan, and it needed 3 key elements: 1) I needed to become a "road runner"; 2) I needed to run everyday and increase my mileage; and 3) I needed to train my mind to not quit despite pain and hopelessness.  On top of the lifetime of increa…

VISIONRUNUSA Series (1): Change the world

I've always dreamt of doing something big and magnificent that would change the world like curing cancer, or ending world hunger.  As I grew up and did many things for a living, I realized that my occupations would all fall short of that huge dream.  I began my working career as an attorney, defending insurance companies when their corporate clients were sued for some accident that happened.  Most of the time, I was trying to mitigate the financial loss of an insurance company - I didn't see that as having a big impact on the world.  Next, I embarked on a corporate career with GE and a couple other companies.  I grew businesses, helped them become more profitable, and created jobs.  I found more meaning in leading organizations and developing people than I had in my legal career; however, it still fell short of the mark of the grandiose dream I had as a child to "CHANGE THE WORLD".

Then, my life seemed to "fall apart."  I found myself unemployed (or as I …