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DNF @ Spartathlon: A tough pill to swallow

We learn the most from the summits we don't reach - Scott Gordon

Let me start off by saying this is not an easy post to compose.  I had fully hoped to be writing a post about successfully completing my Triple Crown of Ultra-Running.  I never expected to be staring blankly at my computer dissecting and analyzing what went wrong?
Spartathlon is the Ultimate Test of Ultra-running.  There is no other race like it in the world.  The distance is staggering - 246 Km / 153 Miles.  The environment is taxing with heat, humidity and rain.  The time cut-offs are surreal - the first 50 miles must be completed in 9 1/2 hours and the entire race must be completed within 36 hours.  The best of the best in the world toe the line at Spartathlon, and at best 1/2 of them reach the finish line.  It is a race like no other, and all those that experience it describe it as the "hardest thing I've ever done."
TRAINING:  My training was OK for Spartathlon.  I had completed 3 other ultras in ho…