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Race Report: Taking on THE KRAKEN (Puerto Rico 150+)


Ancient greek mythology describes The Kraken as a legendary sea monster of magnificent proportions that lived in the sea and attacked ships and coastal villages.The tales say that it dwelt off the coasts of Norway and Greenland . . . well, the tales were wrong.The Kraken lives in the Caribbean, and I experienced the beast in all its fury 3 weeks ago during a 51 hour battle with the beast.
This is my race report for the PR150+ ( footrace traversing the island of Puerto Rico covering a distance of 185 miles on asphalt with a total elevation change of 46,000’.It has been 3 weeks since my experience with The Kraken (my personal name for the PR150+).I have purposefully waited to write-up a race report, as I knew the experience warranted careful reflection prior to sharing in the hopes that I could do the experience justice.It was a monster of a challenge, and not for the weary of heart.So here goes . . .
I still remember the moment that I first…