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It had been an exceptionally tough 2014. In a span of 3 months I had lost a job and made the decision to give up driving due to deteriorating eyesight. As a result of these catalysts, I had found myself in a down spell. It felt like I was glued to my bed, unable to stop staring at the ceiling and walls. Unable to lift myself, and lacking motivation to do the one thing in life that had always brought me peace, healing and joy - RUN.  I sought professional help, and soon felt much better. I chose not to take any medications, as initially suggested by the counselor, rather I proclaimed "I will overcome it through Running".... and I did. 
I ran a lot. In October, I ran a sub-3 marathon in Colorado. In November, I ran a 100 miler. In December, I ran a Personal Best 2:51:16 marathon and won the U.S. Marathon Championships for the Visually Impaired. A few days later I ran a self supported 100 mile training run at a local park.  A couple weeks later it was January 1st and I celebrate…