VISIONRUNUSA Series (6): That nasty 4-letter word

When I first told people that I was going to run across America, I received an onslaught of people using the 4-letter word that I dislike the most . . . yes, you guessed it - - - they used the "C" word.


I absolutely abhor that word.  It should be eradicated from the English language . . . and' I'm not even sure it is a word.  I discussed the word in the movie Running Vision . . . there, I explained that when people say "can't", "they have given up before they have even tried."

Well, I believe I CAN, and YOU CAN too.

Regarding VISIONRUNUSA, I want to give an example of some of the "can't" statements I heard:

- You can't just stop life for 2 months
- You can't leave your kids, you'll lose your parenting time
- You can't afford the run
- You can't run 50 miles a day
- You can't run on highways
- You can't do it
- You can't do this without a major sponsor
- You can't do this without getting seriously injured
- You can't do it with only 1 crew person
- You can't do it without guides
- You'll die
- You'll get ran over
- You'll get lost
- You just can't!!

I am human, and hearing all the negativity, consternation and preoccupation was hard to cope with.  As I prepared and planned for the run for over 18 months, I began to cut negativity out of my life.  For the people who did not believe in me or in the run, I had no time or energy to try to convince them that VISIONRUNUSA was possible - they would just have to learn from watching it happen.  For those believers who supported me and wanted to believe VISIONRUNUSA was possible, I pulled them in like a magnet.  If a person was supportive and wanted to help the run succeed, they would be part of the CAN TEAM.  I had to surround myself with positive thoughts, and people who were willing to support me going way out on a limb with no safety net.

The choice to believe CAN'T or CAN is a conscious choice.  It starts with a person's upbringing and where a person is at emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Our Attitude will steer our choice to one or the other.  Our attitude to believe that all things are possible will result in a CAN choice.  Our attitude to go head-first into the unknown and uncertainty and know that we will be OK whatever happens leads to a CAN choice.  Our attitude to understand that fear of the future and failure is just a feeling, and not a reason to stop trying, can lead to a CAN choice.  Our attitude to understand that pain is a present feeling of discomfort which will eventually fade away, can lead to a CAN choice.  

Our ATTITUDE will define for us whether the day is going to be grand or dismal.  Our ATTITUDE will define for us whether we are successful or a failure.  Our ATTITUDE is a choice.  Many times, we let others have control over our attitude.  We let others define whether we have a great day, or whether we feel like a success.  A person who is a success, has the attitude and gumption to step outside of their comfort zone, and take on a really HUGE CHALLENGE with overwhelming odds of failure.  Whether that person overcomes or succumbs to the challenge is irrelevant to their success. The fact that they even tried under the circumstances has de facto made them a success.  It is a choice to decide to go head first into uncertainty and have the ATTITUDE to BELIEVE that you CAN do it . . . or . . . you can have the Attitude to give up before you even try and use that nasty 4-letter "C" word.

I believe YOU CAN do anything!  I believe that all things are possible.  It does not mean that I will not fail.  I will fail, and fail often.  But, I will not give up because of failure.  And, one failure does not mean that something is impossible . . . it only means you must try again.  There is no need for anybody to use the 4-letter "C" word again.  If you have read this, I hope you commit to yourself to not use the "C" word again.  Teach your kids that it is a naughty word and has no place in our day to day lives.  Also, please know that the only way I was able to overcome all the "can't's" that were thrown at me was to CHOOSE to have an ATTITUDE that I CAN do all things.  I know this because of my Faith.  I also know that YOU CAN too.


Jason Romero is a highly sought after inspirational speaker and the 1st and only blind person to run across America.  Jason is a member of the US Paralympic Team, holds 11 world records in ultra-running, a former attorney and business executive, and a single father of 3 children.  More information can be found on Jason at


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